Granada, Nicaragua

A couple of weeks ago I visited the wonderful city of Granada, Nicaragua!! It has a different feel than Costa Rica in a vintage kind of way. Where Costa Rica (within the city of San Jose) reminds me of modern day times, the city of Granada, Nicaragua has a sort of untouched feel that reminds you of the old town places you see in a Rick Steve’s episode you come across while thumbing through the channels late at night. Each building tells a story and while I never thought I would be into architecture, here lately it has piqued my interest. The buildings are phenomenal, I believe the combination of color contrast and age make them special. I even thought about moving there, but where they are rich in architecture they lack in income ( but they are on the radar)! I took the above picture at the top of the Iglesias de La Merced in the city of Granada and on a clear day the view is absolutely gorgeous and worth the $1 or 25 Cordobas. Now I must warn you that the stairwell is a little steep going up, but well worth it when you reach the top. At night everything comes alive (not in the sense of ghosts and goblins, but more like food, fun and exploration, of course if you’re into ghost and goblins, I’m sure you can find that also, but that’s not my cup of tea). You can find a variety of food to suit your pallette in Granada. The street of Calle de Calzada has a variety of street vendors, musicians and the restaurateurs beckoning for you to come into the establishment to experience some fine dining. You have the option to sit outside or within the restaurant. You can opt for local cuisine or stop at the Rodeo Steak House and Grill if you want a good old rib eye!  There are plenty of places to stay while there, it all depends on what suits your fancy. No matter where you stay you should be able to experience a great culture because it’s like no other!!!