A Rough Two Weeks


Earlier last week, my mother was ill and I was trying to get her to go to the doctor or hospital because she had been complaining of stomach pain all day, but at the same time, she kept telling me she felt better. It wasn’t until she became incoherent that I had to call 9-11 to get her to the emergency room.  Mind you NONE of this experience helped with my anxiety, as a matter of fact, my anxiety kicked in OVERTIME.

Flashback November 2016 I had a similar instance with a friend of mine who was feeling “something,” but she wasn’t sure what that something was and when I asked her if she needed me to call an ambulance she said she wasn’t sure. It wasn’t until she collapsed that I knew something was terribly wrong. I ended up calling the ambulance and it took them over an hour to arrive and when they finally arrived I told them that she had been waiting for a long time and they claimed that they only received a dispatch 10 minutes prior to them arriving at her house.   

This was like déjà vu all over again, the difference was that I wasn’t in a foreign land. I had just returned to the states a week prior and I was preparing to start work in three days. When I called the ambulance, the fire department was at the door before I hung up with dispatch. They came in and assessed her situation and knew that something was wrong, but they couldn’t tell at that moment. We went to the emergency room and they ran a battery of test on her to rule out things. It was about 3:00 a.m. when the doctors told me that they were still waiting on her test results and if I wanted I could go back home and get some rest (or something that resembled rest in these types of situations.)   

When I returned, I found out that she was having surgery in a couple of hours because her body was going into septic shock (note to self: when they say do your Googles, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Especially when you are in a state of panic and confusion and it appears that your mother isn’t going to make it, when I looked up these two TOXIC words I was scared and didn’t know what I should do). Prayer was my only recourse because that was the only thing I could do for her and myself. My mother and I have a pretty good relationship, but it wasn’t always that way because she wasn’t present for a good portion of my formative years. It took some time and patience to rebuild and honestly, we’re still working on it, so the thought of her not being present (again) in my life was unimaginable.   

Of course, I am aware that we all have an expiration date, but I’m prayerful that she will be restored and we can continue to have a more fruitful time together. Well, I am happy to say that it has been a little over a week and she’s shown tremendous improvement. She’s not completely out the woods yet, but she’s definitely not where she was. Once she fully recovers we can get back to our regularly scheduled program and enjoy this amazing city.