Black don’t crack?! Lies you tell!!!


There’s an old saying that says “black don’t crack,” but (in my NOLA voice) baaaaby don’t believe the hype!! Due to my ignorance and decision to not use sunblock, I’m experiencing a burning sensation that I’ve NEVER felt before! I’ve always heard people tell stories of sunburn, but for whatever reason it has never been my experience. I’ve gone to the beach many times and relaxed with no problem, until Jaco Beach entered the picture or I entered Jaco Beach!!! Let me first say that I had an absolute ball at the beach and when my friend suggested it, I admit I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to be there all day and do nothing and the answer was YES honey and loved every moment of it!! Fast forward to a day later and I get this tingling sensation all over my body (lips included- like WOW, really, the lips too?) and I’m thinking to myself, “what in the world is going on?” I first thought sand, but after my shower I knew exactly what it was (in my Newman voice (Seinfeld character) – SUNBURN!!!). How could this happen to me?!?! It happened because I didn’t think the sun would be an issue! Based on stories that I’ve heard I have a minor case and don’t want to imagine anything worse, but it feels like the devil is running up and down my body with pitchforks continuously poking me and laughing as I think about the sunblock that I actually brought to the beach, but didn’t take out the bag. My friends explanation was that it’s easier to burn as oppose to back in the day because “there are holes in the ozone layer and the missing filter of the U.V. rays .” I honestly don’t know what that means, but I do know that this adds new meaning to Alicia Keys song, “Girl on Fire!”

So, to all my chocolate friends out there that love the beach like myself, but think you and the sun have a special relationship and you choose not to protect your skin, don’t do it, don’t trade places with me Ms. Celie (Color Purple reference) and feel the burn because this pain right here, could’ve been avoided!! Now off I go to nurse my skin with the Aloe Vera leaf that I plucked for the yard.

Words of wisdom USE YOUR SUNBLOCK!!!


Peace and blessings




Interracial dating
When I decided that Costa Rica was in my future, I didn’t count all the cost, one cost in particular would be dating. I’m a single woman living my dream, but at the same time I’ve always envisioned being in a loving relationship with a man that shared my interest of travel and exploration. I mean I have my girls, but it’s always good to hear a man’s (just any man, my man) point of view. The dating scene didn’t really cross my mind until I arrived here and noticed that this is the land of the pint size man. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with pint size, but I’m a tall glass of water and I like my water to be the same height (at least) or taller. My rule of thumb is, “If I can’t see over his head, there’s nothing to be said!” For whatever reason, I’m a little man’s magnet, you know the pint size guy that you can pick up and put in your pocket or throw over your shoulder? Oddly enough those are usually the ones with the most confidence, which is a trait I admit is admirable, but I still have my preferences. I must say, over the years my “preferences,” have decreased, but I’m faced with a new challenge now and that’s dating outside of my race and that’s something that I’ve never really thought about because my attractions has always been towards the brown hue. It’s not that I wouldn’t date someone besides brown, but in all honesty I’ve never noticed one looking at me in that manner, to be real honest, if he did I probably would not have noticed because of my subconscious “allegiance.” Of course I’ve seen attractive men of all types, but that’s pretty much been the extent of that!! A few of my friends feel like I’ll end up with someone other than brown and that’s something that I’m grappling with because it has never crossed my mind. Now when I say that and look at my gene pool of friends I realize that I’m part of the rainbow coalition, but I’m on the outside looking in and now I have some choices to make. My choices are either wait for the brown man that I’ve always envisioned myself being with or be open to that MAN (regardless of color) that will treat me right and we’ll make each other happy. As for now, I’m working on my openness and only time will tell….